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Hashtags and more to reach your audience on social media

Apr 02, 2020

Social Media is FREE advertising and a great way to serve your audience. Here are two more ways to effectively do that.  In this week's episode: You should put at least two hashtags on each social media post and on every social media platform. Instagram feed posts can have up to 30 hashtags. Use one uniquely branded hashtag and one relevant (topical) hashtag. You cannot own a hashtag, but you can dominate them. Put #businessfabulous in the search of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,...

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Growing business online visibility, sales and impact with Instagram

Jan 06, 2020

When you understand the nuances of Instagram's four distinct parts, you can easily grow your online presence and impact there. In this week's episode: There are four distinct parts of Instagram: Feed, Live, Stories, IGTV. In order to get the analytics (to see what's working best for your audience) on all of your posts, you must have a business account. I detail how to do this in the episode. Instagram is a hashtag game! You can have up to 30 hashtags in any IG feed post. Any more tha...

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Writing epic blog posts that have your target audience asking for more

Sep 30, 2019

I want you to be a "scroll stopper" (stopping other peoples' scrolls because they want to consume your content) with your blogs! After being a lifestyle blogger and influencer and reading thousands of blog posts over the years, I've noticed that some blogs miss out on key components. Want to know exactly what every epic blog post needs in order to have your audience clamoring for more? Keep reading! Note: This topic was suggested by one of my valued listeners! YOU can always suggest podcas...

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5 ways to organically grow your online visibility, social media rea...

Aug 21, 2019

In this episode, I detail five strategies you can use to organically grow your online visibility, social media reach, and impact. You don't need ads to grow your business! Feel free to give me feedback on this or any episode at [email protected] Organic Reach: You (the content creator) is not putting ad spend behind the content; You aren't paying for more people to be able to see and consume that content. When you post something on social media and that post is not an ad, it...

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Easily Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Nov 18, 2018

You can listen to a livestream of this content at http://bit.ly/easyengagement. What is social media engagement? What does it mean, how in the world do you get it and how do you increase the amount you have now? Social media engagement means that people are “talking” to you in some way on social media platforms. This can take the form of likes, comments, shares, retweets, emojis, actually hopping on someone’s livestream, etc. It’s a way for folks to acknowledge that ...

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What Can YOU Expect From An Amazing Coaching Session?

Sep 13, 2016

I just had two amazing coaching sessions and I wanted you to know all about them! If you've never had a coach before, this is what it's like for me and for my clients: Session #1: Group coaching with Entrepreneur School Scholars Session #2: Private 1:1 session with new client In this Facebook Live broadcast, you'll hear all about the topics and discussions from two different coaching sessions.  Please let me know if you have any questions. bit.ly/chatwithbonnie Work Smart & Hust...

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