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Get CASH BACK when you shop online

Social Media scheduler:  Social Bee!

Haute Stock is my go-to for stock images!

Kajabi for my entire Website, Email, CRM, Store, Membership Site, Blog, Courses, digital and physical products

I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE KAJABI and it has made my life so much easier! The professional look of my website and how many more things I can do with it now that I have Kajabi is amazing...and I cannot code at all! My Kajabi website has my store, all my courses, email, my  CRM, membership site, my blog and allows me to choose from LOADS of landing pages that I can use in many, many ways!

GREAT podcasting conferences: Podfest and ShePodcasts 

Online scheduler: Calendly

Graphics: Canva

Web Conferencing platform for Masterminds, Coaching and Webinars: Zoom

Livestreaming platform for Facebook Live: Streamyard and  Ecamm Live

Livestreaming mounts:  

A MUST HAVE is an external charger for your phone--wonderful for livestreaming or other videos, and especially for when you attend conferences

Livestreaming and Podcasting:

For livesteaming thousands of broadcasts, I used the Blue Yeti microphone. It's a "plug and play" and has a USB that plugs into your computer. SO easy.

A great option for out-and-about livestreaming is the Rode Smart Lav + lapel microphone. Great sound on this one! It also comes in a wireless version

It's so wonderful to listen to podcasts with these wireless headphones!

For lighting, I used this Cowboy Lighting kit. Super easy to set up and use. Looks GREAT and makes videos more pro.

Another great desktop option is this 18" ring light. It's got an attachment for your phone and loads of setting options.

Video Backdrops for my livestreams and all in-studio videos: brick wall  green screen rustic wood


In my home studio, I use an ATR 2005 with a shock mount or Rode mic on a Rode boom arm that's attached to my desk. It comes with a C-clamp but you can drill a hole if you want. 

When I'm out on my balcony or doing mobile interviews, I use an ATR 2005 microphone which is plugged into a "Lightning to USB Camera Adapter" and that is plugged into my iPhone.

The Samson Q2U microphone is also great for at-home or out and about. The sound is amazing and it's easy to use!

These both are super easy hand-held mics. I cover the mic with a foamy cover (also called a "windscreen") or use a plastic "pop filter" (they both serve the same purpose) to make for better sound and less forceful P and S sounds. Both of those and a cable are included in this kit.

In my home studio, I record through a RodecasterPro which allows me to do a load of things including end-to-end podcast production with sound effects and multiple guests, super easy remote interviews with high-quality sound via cell phone or blue tooth and so many other things!

Another (more affordable) great interface option is the Focusrite.

The ONLY podcast host/platform I recommend is Libsyn. Use the coupon code "bonnie" to get one month free!

Podmatch is the only place to go to get booked on podcasts and/or to find guests for your podcast!  

To get the BEST video with NO pixelation on the broadcast, I had to "hardwire my computer to the ethernet" which means I had to connect my computer directly to the modem instead of using the WiFi signal. To do that, I bought these two pieces: a small ethernet to USB adapter and a long ethernet cable to go from the modem in the other room to my computer in my office.

I also use Wondershare Filmora to change my live broadcasts (videos are mp4 files) magically into audio files (mp3 files) so I can make podcast episodes out of them! This is how I "strip the audio out of my broadcasts."

Otter is ah-mazing for transcribing audio!!! You can easily create show notes, blog posts, etc. with it! Otter also gives you a list of the most often used keywords/keyword phrases from your audio, which an be wonderful for SEO!



collagen protein I put into my coffee: This one is tasteless and dissolves completely.

Daytime moisturizer

Nighttime moisturizer with Hyaluronic

Vitamin C serum

B3 serum with collagen

Caffeine + hyaluronic serum

Vitamin C serum

Nighttime serum

Elf Holy Hydration

EYE TREATMENT (makes wrinkles vanish--seriously)

Eye cream with collagen

The only cleanser I've ever used that takes off my makeup and leaves my skin soft!



Concealer (AMAZING!)



When I'm on camera, I use this probiotic primer before I put on my makeup--OMG it smoothes everything out and makes such a difference!


Concealer (only under eye)

Eyeliner (I use midnight blue)




My coffeemaker is amazing!

When I'm on camera, I use this probiotic primer before I put on my makeup--OMG it smoothes everything out and makes such a difference!


These Gummies help me relax before bed and sleep better. I take one gummy only on the nights when it's more difficult for me to fall asleep.

Coffee frothers: this and this.

Magnesium (helps with sleep in women)

 chia seeds into all of my smoothies, salads, and on top of avocado toast for additional protein and fiber. 

flaxseed into all my smoothies, cereals, and even into pasta once it hits my plate. I don't cook with it, but mix it into warm foods for added protein and fiber.

Superfood scoop:  this is amazing!

apple cider vinegar pills for better gut health, fiber and a boost to my immune system.

hand weights and use them all the time! BESt price and quality! (I have five and ten-pound pairs of these)

yoga mat. I got it years ago when I was a lifestyle blogger and I love it because it's thick and doesn't hurt my knees--and it's lasted all these years! The yoga I still do A LOT is Yoga With Adriene.

 nail polish that Queen Elizabeth wears exclusively! I wear it about 90% of the time...


* I'm an affiliate for Kajabi, Social Bee, Podfest, Amazon, Ecamm Live, Streamyard, Acuity, Zoom and Arkon and LOVE their products! If you click on any of these links and end up purchasing something, I'll receive some money that I'll likely spend on Vanilla lattes.
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