LinkedIn vs. Facebook for Online Business Growth (part 2)

Continuing with the discussion of which social media platform is better for business growth, we look at four additional considerations when comparing LinkedIn and Facebook.

 In this week's episode:

  • Episode 69 (the one before this) is part one of this topic! Please be sure to listen to that episode first, because it covers three ways to look at Facebook and LinkedIn for your business.
  • This episode discusses three additional parts, more on hashtags and how to figure out which platform is better for YOU and YOUR business.
  • Hashtags can be used on both platforms, and they're brand new on Facebook, so the hashtag numbers won't be nearly as high as on Twitter or Instagram because they are so new; however, you will see how many accounts are using these hashtags at the moment on each platform by plugging in any hashtag in each platform's search. (I give data on #businessgrowth on each platform.)
  • LinkedIn has about 675 million monthly users, Instagram currently has one billion users, and Facebook has about 2.8 billion.
  • I've use hashtags on Facebook for the past six years, but most people have not until very recently.
  • Remember that you cannot own a hashtag, but you can dominate it; for example, if you put #businessfabulous into the search of a social media platform I use, you will definitely see my posts pop up immediately.
  • I will have an upcoming episode devoted to hashtags.
  • The images you choose for your social media posts should help tell the story of the content covered in the post. They should be clear and compelling, but they do not have to be formal or from a professional photo shoot. 
  • Your smart phone has many photo editing tools  built into it! (There are also many free and paid photo editing apps).
  • It's important (and easy!) to have conversations on any social media platform, especially Twitter.
  • It's crucial to acknowledge your followers for engaging in your posts! (I detail numerous ways to do this in the episode.)
  • Conversations build relationships--especially on social media!
  • It's completely acceptable to put a link inside your social media post; however, each platform really does want to keep you and your followers on THEIR platform for as long as possible, so sometimes it's best to put the link in the first comment of the post. (I detail this and how many links to use in the episode.)
  • Link shorteners like tinyurl and should be things that people can hear and easily remember like
  • How do you decide which platform is BEST for YOUR business? You must know your target audience, their demographics, where they "hang out" on social media, and where YOU need to be spending the majority of your time. (I give examples of this in the episode regarding platforms and particulars.)
  • You can organically grow your business on any social media platform, but a website is still a must for business growth and "street cred." 
  • To grow your business on LinkedIn or Facebook, go here.

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