5 ways to organically grow your online visibility, social media reach and impact: You don't need ads to grow your business!

In this episode, I detail five strategies you can use to organically grow your online visibility, social media reach, and impact. You don't need ads to grow your business!

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Organic Reach: You (the content creator) is not putting ad spend behind the content; You aren't paying for more people to be able to see and consume that content. When you post something on social media and that post is not an ad, it is getting organic reach--it is reaching an audience organically. 

Online Visibility: You are getting noticed, you're being remembered, you are top-of-mind in terms of what you do and what you have to offer...and when they're ready to pay for something that you do.

Impact: Having a strong effect on someone or something; Changing people's lives.

Marketing: Speaking to a specific audience (in the way that they can hear) to deliver a specific message for a specific purpose.

Relationship Marketing: Leading with service and forming a relationship with the audience. (I detail several ways to do this in the episode).

  • You have 100% control over what you see in your social media feeds and what comes through your email--You may need to delete, mute, block people, events or accounts so that you're seeing what you want to see. 
  • Algorithms will always exist on social media.
  • Helpful Hack: To keep people/accounts in your feed, engage with the posts. you see by liking, commenting, sharing; This way, you are training the algorithm that THIS content is what you want to see.
  • I use 30 hashtags on Instagram and one or two relevant hashtags on every other social media platform.
  • I detail each of the five strategies below, with examples, in the episode.

Five Organic Strategies To Grow Your Online Visibility, Reach, Impact:

  1. Stay true to your WHY
  2. Know Your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) - That one person who has all the qualities you're looking for in a dream client
  3. Clear Branding
  4. Relationship Marketing
  5. Relevant Hashtags, Strategic Hashtags, Invisible Hashtags

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This week's CHALLENGE: Choose one of the five organic strategies (no paid ads needed!) that I detail in this episode to increase YOUR online visibility, reach and impact to grow your business.

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