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Mar 13, 2020

You don't need to go to major conferences to be visible online and grow your brand! Here are four simple and proven ways to do it, free, without leaving home. In this week's episode: The number one rule to gaining online visibility is to be where your audience is online. If you're unsure, google "social media demographics" and look at the data for the platforms you enjoy using most.  Facebook has approximately 2.8 billion people, so your audience is likely on there. LinkedIn is a...

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Growing business online visibility, sales and impact with Instagram

Jan 06, 2020

When you understand the nuances of Instagram's four distinct parts, you can easily grow your online presence and impact there. In this week's episode: There are four distinct parts of Instagram: Feed, Live, Stories, IGTV. In order to get the analytics (to see what's working best for your audience) on all of your posts, you must have a business account. I detail how to do this in the episode. Instagram is a hashtag game! You can have up to 30 hashtags in any IG feed post. Any more tha...

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