Writing epic blog posts that have your target audience asking for more

I want you to be a "scroll stopper" (stopping other peoples' scrolls because they want to consume your content) with your blogs! After being a lifestyle blogger and influencer and reading thousands of blog posts over the years, I've noticed that some blogs miss out on key components. Want to know exactly what every epic blog post needs in order to have your audience clamoring for more? Keep reading!

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In this weeks' episode:

  • Attention and time are being dwindled dramatically each day--You can attract, compel and convert your readers with great blog posts.
  • Your compelling title must contain keywords and descriptive phrases
  • Your topic must be relevant (and being searched!) for your target audience, whether it's evergreen content or not.
  • YouTube, Twitter, Amazon are great places to search for what your audience is searching. (More places to search are listed in the episode).
  • Your blog post must give value to your ideal reader and your target audience! If it's not valuable to them, it's not valuable.
  • Make sure the blog post images (photos, icons, etc.) are captivating.
  • Many of your readers will choose to read based on the image and NOT the title of your blog post.
  • The links you have on your blog must be relevant, valuable, and contain workable links. (Additional Pinterest info. is in the episode).
  • Put a "piece of YOU" in each blog post. The blog post should bleed your brand.
  • Each blog post should contain at least one Call to Action that is relevant to the topic and to your audience. This does NOT have to be at the very end of the post. (I provide many examples in the episode).
  • You need to let people know where they can "get more" of you! Are you speaking at an event? Hosting a meetup? Creating a program for them?
  • The more you of "you" that you provide freely, the more your audience will buy your products, programs, and services.

This week's CHALLENGE: 

Go through one of your blog posts and make sure it contains all of the epic blog post components I detail in this episode. Does it need some updating? Have you checked all of the links to make certain they aren't' broken?

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