13 Free resources to market & grow an online business (part 2)

Over this two-part series on free resources to grow your online business, (episode 146 is part 1 and covers eight resources), the list of 13 grew to 17. This episode goes over nine more resources--get ready to take notes!

If you'd like support with your online business, please take the opportunity to book a free chat with me at bit.ly/talktobonnie.

For all the behind-the-scenes of my podcast and loads of tutorials, head to The Social Media Marketing Cafe. The Cafe is a one-stop-shop for growing your online business!  Please also feel free to share this episode with anyone who you think might benefit.

Mentioned in this episode:



Product Biz Made Easy podcast









Are you in the Cafe?? The Social Media Marketing Cafe has over 100 brand new tutorials and answers to all of your business, marketing and social media how-to questions! Gain access to tutorials,...

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Tik Tok OMG


“TikTok is all about giving value.”

In today’s episode, I discuss all things TikTok. I recently started a TikTok account after much urging from a few good friends. In this episode, I explain what TikTok is all about and why it is good for your business. TikTok is no longer just dancing and lip syncing...it's much more than that today.

As in all social media, it's how you curate your own feed that lets the algorithm show you things relevant to you. If you'd like to follow me on TikTok, you can find me here at bit.ly/bonniett. In my feed, you will find loads of videos on business, branding and marketing, as well as TikTok tips. If you'd like support with your online business, please book a free chat with me at bit.ly/talktobonnie. 

Business Fabulous Academy is now open! This program provides everything you need to bring your online business to the next level with clear branding and consistent sales. To find out more, go to Business Fabulous Academy. For...

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Mean Girls in Digital Marketing and Online Business

"The thing about who are and are not the 'Cool Kids' never goes away...

it never leaves us."

In today’s episode, I discuss Mean Girls, how to spot them, what you should do about them, and why, as adults, we are still having to experience them. I also explain how to avoid being thought of as a “Mean Girl” in Social Media and social events. 

If you’ve had a run-in with a Mean Girl on social media or want to share a Mean Girl story of your own, leave me a message on my Speakpipe. If you want to get more of the behind-the-scenes of my podcast you will find it in The Social Media Marketing Cafe. It is designed to help you with loads of tutorials and information to help grow your business. Please also feel free to share this episode with anyone who you think might benefit.

Show Notes 

In this episode, I discuss Mean Girls in digital marketing

  • What is a “Mean Girl” and why are they on social media? [3:25]
  • Why it’s important to have a...
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This is the BEST social media platform

I'm often asked about the BESt social media platform. Here's part one of my answer.

 In this week's episode:

  • What IS the BEST social media platform?
  • What's your goal for social media?
  • Are you there to serve or to sell?
  • The purpose of social media is BEING SOCIAL!
  • You must be social on social media in order to be successful, personally or professionally.
  • 2.8 billion people are on Facebook.
  • Twitter is a great place to have conversations.
  • Instagram Reels are seen inside of Instagram stories.
  • Pinterest is the "forgotten cousin" of social media, as is Periscope. Don't forget these platforms! (Detailed info in the episode)
  • When you're thinking about "best," are you referring to engagement? Followers? Sales?
  • If you have a "SELL SELL SELL mindset" as you create social media posts, emails, livestreams, etc., you will not be nearly as successful as when you have the SERVE SERVE SERVE mindset. (Detailed examples in the episode)
  • The content you produce is for your audience and you need...
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