Mean Girls in Digital Marketing and Online Business

"The thing about who are and are not the 'Cool Kids' never goes away...

it never leaves us."

In today’s episode, I discuss Mean Girls, how to spot them, what you should do about them, and why, as adults, we are still having to experience them. I also explain how to avoid being thought of as a “Mean Girl” in Social Media and social events. 

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Show Notes 

In this episode, I discuss Mean Girls in digital marketing

  • What is a “Mean Girl” and why are they on social media? [3:25]
  • Why it’s important to have a tribe of supportive people? [5:26]
  • Why it is important to be inclusive when planning your events?  [9:59]
  • What is the mistake you should never make when posting? [17:38]
  • Why do mean girls need our empathy? [20:59]

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