Top 10 reasons female entrepreneurs fail in online business

From over a decade as an online business and marketing strategist for women, I have noticed that female entrepreneurs face unique challenges and a higher failure rate with online businesses. Episode 168 of the podcast details ten reasons this happens.

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Female Entrepreneurs and Self Sabotage

Getting ready one morning got me thinking about what it means to "be enough" and how this impacts female entrepreneurs every single day. Get all the details in episode 160 of Business Fabulous.

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Bonnie's Business Tools (everything I use to run my business--including self care!)

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How to "Charge Your Worth" in Coaching and Online Businesses

Online coaches are often advised, "charge your worth." find out what this means and how to actually do it.

 “Value is how somebody decides what it's worth. Value and price are two different things. Worth and price are two different things. What people pay for is value.

-Bonnie L. Frank 

In today’s episode I am discussing the common recommendation made by many business coaches: Charge Your Worth. What could be wrong with charging your worth? Nothing but what does that saying really mean? How do you know what your worth is and does it have anything to do with what you should charge for your products, programs and services? If you have ever wondered if you are charging the right price in your business,  this is the episode for you.  I discuss all the factors that go into making that decision. I help you understand not only the market but what makes customers want to buy from you. I also explain exactly what your customers want to see on your...

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Why you should (or shouldn't) start a business and be an entrepreneur

Why do people actually start businesses? Being an entrepreneur isn't an easy gig. Most people never try and fewer actually succeed; however, it's totally possible and there is no ceiling to anything you can accomplish. I made the decision to start from scratch at 49 yers old with no training, money or support.


“Because every entrepreneur knows it's not a straight line to success”

-Bonnie L. Frank 

Today's episode  is not just for entrepreneurs starting a business but but for any business owner who wants to reach their business goals. This episode shares what you need to do in order to keep going when times get tough. Every entrepreneur knows there's no straight line to  success in business. Simon Sinek in his book Start with Why shares that your business mindset and your WHY is the biggest indicator of success. Whether you are starting an online business,  a coaching business or any kind of business where you are the decision maker, your WHY is...

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