15 top productivity tips you need for 2023 online business growth

It's 2023 and time to be more productive! Get ready for 15 top productivity tips you need for 2023 online business growth.

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3 EASY Social Media Time Savers

"Social media can take loads of time if you let it..."

In episode 140, I share three EASY ways to save time on social media. 

Social media is often the #1 thing entrepreneurs and online business owners complain about and is usually the first area outsourced to others.  It really doesn’t have to be so hard, and these tips will help your business gain visibility. If you can be strategic with your time and offer your audience value, then social media will be more fun and easier for you. To find my favorite scheduler or to reach me on social go to bit.ly/fabulouslinks.  If you’re having trouble with sales or would like support with your online business, then please take the opportunity to book a free chat with me at bit.ly/talktobonnie. 

For all the behind-the-scenes of my podcast and loads of tutorials, head to The Social Media Marketing Cafe. The Cafe is a one-stop-shop for growing your online business!  Please also feel free to share this episode...

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It's not uncommon to makes excuses, I'd venture to say that we've all made excuses from time to time, even when we knew the outcome would be less than stellar. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

                    "I was too busy..."

                    "I didn't really want to..."

                    "It's too hard..."

                    "Now isn't the right time..."

Problems occur when we make excuses and the outcome isn't just less-than-great, it's harmful to ourselves, others, and, in the case of this blog post, our businesses.

As a business coach, I see a lot of entrepreneurs (knowingly and unknowingly) stunting (and completely halting) their business growth from hasty and poor decision-making. It's not news that every decision has at least one consequence, but if decisions...

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