Mindset hacks and strategies to grow your online business

The #1 cannot-grow-a business-without missing piece in people's business is the proper mindset. Get my top ten mindset hacks in episode 100 of Business Fabulous.

I think sometimes when we are more realistic about our accomplishments...

It's a lot easier to reach those goals..

-Bonnie L. Frank 

I am celebrating my 100th episode with a topic that is THE most important factor for your business--mindset. In today’s episode, I discuss mindset hacks that I use and have used over the past seven years, both personally and professionally.

All of these strategies are completely free and you can try them anytime. As entrepreneurs, we often work alone on our business and it can be very difficult to keep going--especially after setbacks. Having a business mindset is crucial to growing your online business. 

Show Notes
In this episode, I discuss the most important thing that your business needs for long term success.

Why meditation or stillness helps your mindset? [1:10]
Why should you consider adding a form of prayer into your daily routine? [7:28]
Why I found yoga so beneficial and I think you will too? [8:18]
Why do mantras and affirmations sometimes get confused? [10:31]
Why Tarot, Horoscopes, and Chinese Fortunes made the list? [14:45]
How do I use quotations for mindset? [17:26]
Why is Journaling so powerful? [19:08]
How having an accountability partner can change your business? [20:47]
When to use intentions and routines? [22:05]

Note: Shout out to Shel Hamilton and her Meditation Minis podcast and Nicole Banks and the My Accountability Partner podcast!

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