5 Reasons your online business isn’t making sales

“I lay it all out on the table but...ASK??  I don’t ever ask for a sale.

Once I explain the transformations, they're ready to buy. ” 


In today’s episode, I discuss the top five reasons your products, programs, and services are not selling as well as you would like them to. As entrepreneurs, we all have something for sale but it’s easy to overlook the basics as we build our online business. In this episode, I break down some common mistakes I see my clients making and I provide a more in-depth look in the BONUS section of my Social Media Marketing Cafe. 

If you’d like to get more help and loads of behind-the-scenes of my podcast episodes, you’ll find it in The Social Media Marketing Cafe.  Packed with loads of tutorials and information to help grow your business, the Cafe is a one-stop-shop for growing your online business!  Please also feel free to share this episode with anyone who you think might...

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Clubhouse Strategy

Clubhouse is a great place to build and grow your online business--a simple strategy can have you making money while you're on the platform and in your sleep! 

 “You can get a lot more for the time and energy you put into something 

when you go about it strategically.

-Bonnie L. Frank

In today’s episode, I am revisiting the topic of Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a great way to share knowledge, meet experts, and build and grow your online business. Some people are reluctant to put the time or energy into Clubhouse, but I easily monetized Clubhouse in just 5 days and in this episode, I share some great strategies to get the most out of your time there. If you want to think about building your business or sharing your knowledge with an audience, Clubhouse is the place to do that. You can quickly position yourself as an expert in your field. 

Be sure to download my free Clubhouse strategy guide here!

Show Notes 

In this episode I share...

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