Maximize your social media for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"People can find your social media content even if

they aren't following you."

Entrepreneurs and online business owners use social media to promote their products, programs and services online, but they often don't know how to reach more people without paid advertising. In this episode, I discuss EASY SEO strategies that allow you to be found on social media...even when folks aren’t already following you!

Many entrepreneurs only think about SEO (search engine optimization) when they're searching online for a particular topic, business or blog post and their competition pops up and not them, but SEO can also help you get found on social media!

Most online business owners use daily social media to promote their products, programs and services without realizing they could be getting more reach by doing a few simple things. Every social media platform is its own search engine, and optimizing social media posts for search allows for more reach, engagement and...

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