Boosting engagement on Facebook live broadcasts

There are loads of EASY ways to boost your online engagement in all of your live broadcasts! Learn all of them and hear Bonnie's answers to questions from the live audience!

In this week's episode:

  • By following all of the steps laid out in this episode, I've already organically gotten hundreds of views, likes, loves, comments, and shares from one Facebook live broadcast that I repurposed into two podcast episodes--this episode and episode 54.
  • Social media is frustrating and the rules and platforms and algorithms are ever-changing...that's EXACTLY why I teach what to do to get organic traffic despite any algorithm!
  • It's really helpful to give your audience a heads-up about your live broadcasts (I detail several ways I did this in the episode).
  • I used Streamyard for this (and many) of my live broadcasts.
  • You're not as visible online as you think you are--don't assume that your audience knows what you're up to
  • Behind the Scenes (#BTS) is a great way to let people know (I give loads of examples in the episode).
  • You're very likely not posting too much on social media.
  • Your audience does NOT see all of your posts--and often doesn't even have access to all of them.
  • Unless you're only posting about what you've got for sale, your audience won't stop following you. Keep posting valuable content that your audience wants!
  • People need to know, like, and trust you before they buy from you.
  • Follow the 80/20 rule (thoroughly described in the episode) for social media posting.
  • Be sure to check your analytics (Google Analytics and social media insights) to see your audience's demographics and more!
  • On a Facebook live, you will ONLY know who has actually watched if they engage in some way.
  • On any third-party application (BeLive, Ecamm, Streamyard), that you use when you broadcast live inside of a Facebook group, the viewer must grant that third party the right to use their name and avatar (small profile photo of you) in order for you to know who is commenting. Otherwise, you'll see "Facebook User" and a grayed out avatar.
  • I detail exactly how I got so much engagement on this one Facebook live broadcast in this episode.
  • I answer questions about increasing engagement on live broadcasts from the live audience on this episode, too!
  • What happens if you ask a question and no one answers it? (find out in this episode)
  • Why aren't people who do follow me not seeing my posts? (find out in this episode)
  • How many daily posts should you post in your Facebook group? When is it too much? (find out in this episode)
  • What if you post something in your Facebook group and no one responds? (find out in this episode)

Mentioned in this episode:

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