Get raving fans and increased sales with social media

In this episode, I give you five simple strategies to get raving fans (that free advertising!) and increase sales on social media.

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The #1 reason people have trouble getting raving fans and increasing sales is that they're trying to "do business" on personal social media accounts.

  • Businesses use business accounts on social media.
  • Business accounts offer free metrics (a.k.a. Analytics and Insights) that show you exactly who consumes your content, when they consume it, which posts drive the most traffic and much more!
  • It's easy to create business accounts or change a personal account to a business account (I detail how in the episode).

You need to provide Calls to Action (CTAs).

  • CTAs are opportunities for your audience to connect with you and "get more" of you through things like free content, a consultation, joining a Facebook group, purchasing your products. 
  • I give two free CTAs in the beginning of the episode: Sign up for a free 20-minute consultation to grow your business and monetize your podcast
  • I then offer another free CTA to join my free Facebook group for more help and loads of free content to grow your business and your podcast.
  • CTAs drive traffic to your website and then your Google Analytics provides you the information about who visits your website, where they come from (search, direct link, podcast, social media, referral, ad, etc.), how they consume the content and more.
  • CTAs help you grow your email list, too.

You need to provide the copy that compels your target audience to consume your content and take action on your CTAs.

  • You will know exactly what to say, how to say it and where to post when you truly know your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) and Ideal Podcast Listener (IPL)
  • If your podcast isn't a hobby, your ICA and IPL are the same people. 
  • What words, verbs, phrases are you using?
  • Shorter vs. longer social media posts
  • Single Image vs. Carousel
  • Pre-produced video vs. Livestream
  • Polls vs. Questions in your stories

You need to know your target audience's behaviors and post on social media when they're on social media.

  • Google Analytics and your social media insights will give you this information.
  • I detail how to do this in the episode.
  • Schedule your social media posts with Buffer, Hootsuite, Post Planner, etc.

Transparency vs. Authenticity

  • Transparency: Easy to perceive, easy to detect your point of view, what you're like, etc.
  • You do NOT need to disclose your income in order to be "transparent."
  • Authenticity: Genuine, original, how YOU are being YOU.
  • Consistent branding, vibe, and content is part of authenticity.
  • Your authenticity will attract your target audience (as long as you know your ICA and IPL)
  • You need to be able to attract your target audience and convert them organically; putting ad spend behind content does not automatically mean you'll attract and convert your target audience. 

 This week's CHALLENGE: Choose one of the five simple strategies I detail in this episode to really reach out to your audience and deliver value,  get raving fans who advertise for you and increase your sales. It's much easier to increase sales when you're reaching exactly who you want to reach online.

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