Clearing up Clubhouse misconceptions

After a brief hiatus from the podcast (explained in the intro), I am back at it and episode 75 clears up misconceptions about the hottest app in town--Clubhouse!

I've used this app to grow my online following by many thousands, my podcast  downloads have doubled and my business has grown by leaps and bounds. Get all the details below!

  • Welcome back to the podcast! (I'm back after a brief hiatus from the podcast to collect data for my presentation on Clubhouse at Podfest Global Summit.)
  • You'll hear about some if this presentation in the episode.
  • Holy moly, my list has increased by 600, my Instagram increased by over 44% and another social media account by 1,012% allll because of Clubhouse!
  • The mission of Clubhouse is to have deep and meaningful conversations with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • People are doing really cool things on Clubhouse like plays, musicals, concerts, game shows, all sorts of things!
  • You'll get much more out of your experience on Clubhouse if you go into rooms that cover different types of things--out of your wheelhouse, out of your safe bubble.
  • Clubhouse isn't about money or marketing...but you can use it for that, too.
  • I've grown personally and professionally from Clubhouse.
  • Who YOU follow on Clubhouse and the types of rooms you go into will create your "hallway" on Clubhouse (the rooms you see.)
  • Anyone can start a room, anyone can start a club--you'll hear the latest info on this in Episode 76.
  • Go to [email protected] to ask any questions.
  • Grab my updated Clubhouse Guide here to save loads of time on the app and grow your followers (and business) by leaps and bounds!
  • Clubhouse also holds two Town Halls a week, Wednesdays at 8 pm central and Sundays at 11:00 central.
  • The best days/times to be on Clubhouse are the ones that work best for YOU.
  • I am very strategically on Clubhouse each day. I use this guide to strategically use my time to grow my followers, increase ALL of my social media followers and get new clients. Note: January was the most profitable month of my entire business!
  • I host 1-2 rooms every single day, 7 days a week. Just put Bonnie Frank into the search and you'll get me!
  • I also have THREE CLUBS on Clubhouse and I'd love for you to join all of them! Business Fabulous for Female EntrepreneursFabulous Female Bosses        and      Kajabi Business Fabulous (it's alll about creating courses and membership sites!)
  • There are Clubhouse rooms in many different languages now!
  • When people know that you provide value every minute in your rooms, they'll keep coming back, be your raving fans and tell their friends.
  • I now have over 7,000 followers on Clubhouse in about 100 days.
  • Clubhouse has loads of safety features inside the app that prevents trolls and other people from bothering you or your rooms or the conversations happening. These precautions are available to everyone on the app.
  • You can also block someone from ever seeing you on the app and from seeing any of the rooms you're in.
  • Everyone runs their rooms differently and I mention how I run my rooms. I follow the same format each time and people always have the opportunity to "come on my stage" in all of my rooms.
  • Clubhouse is a highly diverse, inclusive and welcoming community.
  • I mention that I created the livestream that this recording came from on Streamyard. I'm a beta tester and affiliate for them. 

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