Clubhouse updates: Creating clubs, Moderators and more

Clubhouse has some incredible updates and you're about to learn how to get the most out of them!


  • Clubhouse also holds two Town Halls a week, Wednesdays (for those newer to the app that explains all of the features) at 8 pm central and Sundays (discussing all of the upcoming features) at 11:00 central.
  • Each Town Hall answers questions from the users of the app.
  • You can submit questions for the Town Halls at  [email protected] to ask any questions.
  • There are over 37,000 members in one of my clubs.
  • I have THREE CLUBS on Clubhouse and I'd love for you to join all of them! Business Fabulous for Female EntrepreneursFabulous Female Bosses        and      Kajabi Business Fabulous (it's alll about creating courses and membership sites!)
  • Anyone can create a club as long as the have the updated version of Clubhouse and see a  +  on the far right of all of the club icons at the bottom of their profile.
  • You are limited to creating two clubs a month at the moment.
  • You cannot delete a club right now.
  • The title (or name) of your Club can only be 25 characters and may not contain any emojis. 
  • Only the first 68 characters of your club's description appears before you have to scroll down to read more. This portion is key. Describe your club efficiently!
  • I suggest that you use keywords and/or keyword phrases for your club name so that it will be found easily when clubs are being searched.
  • You can grow your club easily by using keywords in the name, by people nominating other club members, by hosting daily rooms under your club name and by allowing other people to host rooms under your club name so that there are even more club "events" going on.
  • I detail many things about club followers vs. members and I how I deal with each in the episode.
  • Right now, the only way to move someone from "follower" to "member" is manually one-by-one.
  • An Admin for your club can open a room, make people members, etc,
  • A moderator can start and end a room on Clubhouse as well as bring people to the stage, move people to the audience, etc.
  • Whoever starts a room is automatically a moderator of that room.
  • Club Admins and moderators in rooms should make for a good experience in the club or room. 
  • Caution: An Admin can kick you ( or anyone) out of your own club and a moderator can kick you (or anyone) out of that room.

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