How to Easily identify triggers, deal with them effectively and get rid of them.

Triggers are things, people, events, situations, colors, music--literally anything--that set off a negative reaction in your mind and sometimes also parts of your body. And everyone has them.

Note: This episode was taken from a Facebook Live broadcast and the content is stellar; however, the sound isn't perfect.

 In this week's episode:

  • Triggers are anything (people, events, dates, songs, etc.) that set you off and affect you--usually negatively. It is a thought, feeling, physical reaction in your body.
  • Everyone has triggers.
  • Triggers may come and go but, ultimately you determine what/who will allow to trigger you as well as those that won't.
  • Identifying your triggers takes focus and reflection, but knowing what triggers you and how to effectively deal with them will improve your productivity.
  • You are 100% in control of what goes through your social media feeds.
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  • Mute accounts (silence for a...
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