The Benefits of Using Chat GPT: AI Tools That Can Boost Your Business

I've been experimenting with Chat GPT and lots of other AI tools. Using AI tools is easy, fun, and can be very beneficial for your business.

AI is artificial intelligence, of course, and if you've heard of any AI tool before, it probably is Chat GPT. It came around in November of 2022, so it's only been around for a few months, but it got wildly popular extremely fast and well over a million people are using it now. It’s also caused other AI tools to get pushed out to the market even faster because everybody wants to be able to compete with Chat GPT.

There is currently a free version and multiple paid options for Chat GPT. I suggest starting with the free version (that’s what I use) and then graduate to a paid option if you see that you need those features (speed and the amount of data it uses.)

I have a beginning Chat, GPT and AI course, as well, that walks you through the process, lists 25 different prompts with examples, and I provide a resource list with links to...

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How to increase your target audience's content consumption and time on your website

Every five episodes, I provide my listeners with a bonus episode! Business Fabulous drops two episodes on these weeks. This episode is an awesome bonus one full of easy and valuable knowledge bombs. I hope you enjoy it.

With ever-changing algorithms on social media, getting your target audience to consume your valuable content takes strategy.  Today's online space is noisy and crowded. But, done strategically, good content creation and promotion shouldn't require more time or ad spend. In this week's episode of the Business Fabulous podcast, I detail several strategies to increase engagement and deepen the relationships you have with your audience.

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