The Benefits of Using Chat GPT: AI Tools That Can Boost Your Business

I've been experimenting with Chat GPT and lots of other AI tools. Using AI tools is easy, fun, and can be very beneficial for your business.

AI is artificial intelligence, of course, and if you've heard of any AI tool before, it probably is Chat GPT. It came around in November of 2022, so it's only been around for a few months, but it got wildly popular extremely fast and well over a million people are using it now. It’s also caused other AI tools to get pushed out to the market even faster because everybody wants to be able to compete with Chat GPT.

There is currently a free version and multiple paid options for Chat GPT. I suggest starting with the free version (that’s what I use) and then graduate to a paid option if you see that you need those features (speed and the amount of data it uses.)

I have a beginning Chat, GPT and AI course, as well, that walks you through the process, lists 25 different prompts with examples, and I provide a resource list with links to over 25 AI tools. (I keep adding to this list!) The course is only $7.00, and you can get it here:

Chat GPT is an “auto generative performance tool. This means it auto generates stuff and it auto generates a lot more things than people realize…

Many people just think that it only generates copy, but it can also generate images, music, resumes, social media posts, songs, chapter titles for your next book…all sorts of things. People have used it for emails, clergy have used it for sermons. It will, if you ask it to, edit your spelling and grammar, but, as a former teacher, I'm going to ask that you please not rely on Chat GPT for that. Grammarly (a Chrome extension) is a much better choice.

The information that you enter into the Chat GPT search is called a “prompt.” (I have loads of these that I have created and use on a regular basis inside my course.) Once you enter the information and click return, produces the content that you requested.

Note:  Chat GPT isn’t a human and cannot read into what you’re requesting in your prompt. What you request is exactly what it produces, therefore, everything stems from how you create your prompts.

This is another reason why you should NEVER copy and paste what Chat GPT produces and publish that information as is.  Please edit. Please make it sound like a human wrote it. Please make it sound like you wrote it!

There are loads of tools out there that can detect if the copy that you're publishing was written by AI…Please proofread and edit everything. Remember that whatever you are submitting has your name and your reputation on it.

I used Chat GPT to “write” the five modules in my course…However, it kept glitching (possibly from use overload with all the people on it or because it’s new and they’re constantly updating it.) There was nothing wrong with my prompt, but it was unable to finish what I asked it to do. It would just stop partway through some of the information I requested. Also, in my prompt I told it to “write like a human” and what I received was very mechanical and grammatically incorrect. It wasn’t something that I would ever print or say word-for-word and the things that it gave me for podcasts and for blogs were identical, even though blogs and podcasts are very different. Chat GPT only knows the information that has already been inputted, so if nobody entered any information about how a blog post is very different from a podcast episode, it's not going to understand the difference…In fact, when it talked about blogging, it never mentioned readers, and when it talked about podcasts, it never mentioned listeners. The information provided for these simply said “audience,” and the information was almost word for word the same. So, you need to use detailed prompts, be really, careful, proofread, and edit. And the more specific your prompt is, the better information you are going to get from any of these tools. It takes a lot of practice and trial and error to writing quality prompts. Most people don’t know how to code, and writing a prompt is essentially coding with words…that’s why I created a course.

When I started using Chat GPT, I didn’t have any prompt templates (I have many of them in my course), so my prompts weren’t good and the information Chat GPT gave me was very, very general. Prompt templates will save you loads of time.

One of the things that I've seen a lot of on social media, is how Chat GPT will immediately write the perfect song for you or a great article, or a job that will get you that job you’ve been wanting. Although Chat GPT (and loads of other AI tools) can do these things, it cannot guarantee spelling, grammar, factual dates, or other data; like I said, it will only know what has been inputted, you have got to truly be the expert. Double check all of that.

When you decide to incorporate AI into your workflow, in my opinion, your “why” should not have anything to do with just using ai. You must know exactly why you're choosing to use that particular tool rather than something else.  Whatever you're doing, there will always be many tools that do the same thing. I have used a many schedulers over the years, and all social media schedulers (I use Social Bee) will schedule and post your social media content when you want, but I use Social Bee because I think it's the most expansive and has the best onboarding video training, schedules to Facebook groups, to LinkedIn, to Instagram straightaway, etc.  That’s why I'm an affiliate for it and, it's the only one I recommend. By the way, Social Bee has also incorporated AI.

The first thing I used Chat GPT for was my podcast. I used it to research topics and information for my podcast episodes, but ultimately, I needed to incorporate the information that I know my audience needs and wants.

AI is the latest topic, but it’s also something that I don't see going away because it can save time, increase productivity, and save companies money. I don’t feel that it will do away with loads of jobs, I think it will “realign” jobs because people will have new job titles as they incorporate AI into their work. Graphic designers, for examples, will now have more tools at their disposal, but those people will still be responsible for the ultimate design that gets published. For example, episodes 169 and 170 of the Business Fabulous podcast are about free self-care practices that can enhance your business growth. I had Chat GPT give me 20 free self-care practices based on the kinds of things that I know my loyal audience would be interested in, and then I expanded on each of those. So, even though I had Chat GPT provide some information, only I would be able to incorporate the exact information my audience wants. Even if I put my exact target audience into the prompt, each of my episodes is created with one or more specific listeners in mind, and it could never provide me that specific information. 

It is so easy to really level up your graphics and video creation now! Canva incorporated AI very quickly, and I’ve explored several AI design, animation, and video tools.  There is even a tool that takes any drawing, mine was a simple doodle, and animates it! It’s really fun to play around with these and think of the endless possibilities…Did you write a book? Do you have an upcoming presentation? Do you have a podcast episode that just dropped? Did you publish a blog post? You can easily create a video promo-- your face doesn't even have to be in it—these tools have stock photos and images that you can use, as well as audio, whether a sound effect or voice narration. There is such power in these tools and we’re just at the beginning of this evolution!

Similar to what I mentioned about graphic designers, I don’t feel that folks in video production will be out of a job, but I do think that they need to stay on top of the capabilities and limitations of AI tools so they can stand out above their competition and explain to prospective clients how they can offer more than what the client can produce on their own.  In my opinion, there still have to be humans behind all of this. You must be able to interact with people. If you have contacted customer support. Through any type of computer, mobile device website, you were probably not chatting with a human, it was likely a chat bot. (I've used chatbots for a long time on my livestreams.) At the beginning of every online customer support conversation, it’s going to be a chat bot helping you however, there is always a limit to what AI can do. In the end, I always end up speaking with a human.

Someone asked me recently about my top five AI tools—that’s a hard one! I’d definitely have Canva, Chat GPT and Descript on the list, but I can’t only pick two more…that’s why I continue to add to the resource list inside my course. I started with a “top ten” list that very quickly grew to 25. But all of my favorite AI tools may not suit your needs, and some AI tools (like Poe, which is similar to Chat GPT but for mobile) are only available for iPhone right now. Ultimately, it’s got to feel right for you and what you want to do. 

I've heard lots of folks say that AI is the immediate answer to all your content creation needs, and that simply isn’t true. It can absolutely save time and increase creativity and productivity if used effectively, but, as I’ve explained in this blog, it’s not immediate. It still requires proofreading, editing, and incorporating your own voice, writing style, and thoughts and opinions. Your audience wants to know what you think and feel—not what a bot produces.

Being an intelligent human still matters.

I’d love to know what you think about this! Feel free to comment below!

By the way, I used Descript (There are free and paid options) to transcribe a livestream that I did (in five places at once, so fun!) and I used that information to create this blog post. I then used that same transcription in Chat GPT to create quotes, tweets, and other social media content. Descript is used by loads of podcasters and other content creators because it can take out filler words like “um” and “uh” and can edit and transcribe audio and video. I suggest you check it out.

So…have I encouraged you to try more AI?


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