How to increase your target audience's content consumption and time on your website

Every five episodes, I provide my listeners with a bonus episode! Business Fabulous drops two episodes on these weeks. This episode is an awesome bonus one full of easy and valuable knowledge bombs. I hope you enjoy it.

With ever-changing algorithms on social media, getting your target audience to consume your valuable content takes strategy.  Today's online space is noisy and crowded. But, done strategically, good content creation and promotion shouldn't require more time or ad spend. In this week's episode of the Business Fabulous podcast, I detail several strategies to increase engagement and deepen the relationships you have with your audience.

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Mentioned in this episode

Karen Yankovich

Listen to Karen interview Bonnie on the Good Girls Get Rich podcast.

In this weeks' episode:

  • Getting engagement from your target audience from the content your produce shouldn't take more time, but it does take strategy.
  • The longer folks spend on your website, the greater the likelihood they will opt in to a freebie and/or purchase your products programs and services.
  • Authenticity and transparency are important for your brand and your relatability.
  • Long-form blog posts are more than 1,000 words.
  • Long-form videos (on Facebook) are longer than three minutes.
  • A variety of EASY long-form and short-form content examples and how to get more folks to consume it.
  • Experts provide long-form content on their website, on stage, in trade journals, magazines, etc.
  • Interactive content is really important, (and very fun) and can be done on several social media platforms and on your website. I detail how to do this in the episode.
  • You need to provide lots of ways to allow your target audience to provide feedback and express themselves quickly and in gratifying ways.
  • Chatbots can be used in many ways--much more than Facebook Messenger
  • Your content creation MUST be valuable for your audience...otherwise, it's not valuable.
  • ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) and IPL (Ideal Podcast Listener) determine your target audience.
  • Omnichannel Distribution (check out episode 10 for 25 ways to do this!)
  • You can repurpose a blog post word-for-word on LinkedIn without being penalized.
  • Partner up with folks who have a similar target audience and cross promote! (I detail several easy and very strategic ways to do this.)
  • You need to compel and convert your website visitors in under five seconds or they will "bounce" (leave). I detail ways to prevent this.
  • Try out this week's challenge to improve your content consumption and Google analytics in a multitude of ways! (detailed in the episode)

This week's CHALLENGE: 

Try one of the strategies I detail in this week's episode to increase the engagement (likes, comments, shares, private messages, emails, downloads, subscribers) you get from the content you produce, deepen the relationships you have with your followers, and boost your Google Analytics. 

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