25 Ways to repurpose one podcast episode for more subscribers, increased downloads, and greater social media reach

In this episode of the Business Fabulous podcast, I describe 25 different ways to repurpose one podcast episode and increase subscribers, downloads and social media reach.

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In this weeks' episode:

  • Livestreaming (creating a live video broadcast) your podcast allows you many different ways to repurpose your podcast episode--or any content.
  • Your audience really will want to see your tech, your podcasting set up and a behind-the-scenes look at how you do what you do.
  • You need to use third-party software (Restream.io, Crowdcast or Wirecast) when you simulcast to Facebook and anything else.
  • Do NOT go against Facebook's (or any platform) Terms of Service,
  • I'm a beta tester and referral partner for Streamyard and Ecanmm Live.
  • Streamyard is for PC and Mac, Ecamm Live is Mac only.
  • I built my entire business with livestreaming!
  • An audiogram is an audio wave animation
  • You can easily create audiograms with Wavve or Headliner
  • You can post videos (up to one minute in length) in your Instagram feed 
  • IGTV videos are 10 minutes or less if you have under 10,000 Instagram followers
  • IGTV videos are currently being shown in your Instagram feed as well as on IGTV
  • Instagram Live broadcasts can be up to one hour in length.
  • Each separate "clip" in Instagram Stories can hold videos of up to 15 seconds.
  • Stories stay active for 24 hours.
  • Canva has a "magic resize" feature that allows you to create an image and resize it to fit the correct pixels for social media platforms.
  • Pulling quotes from your podcast episode is a great way to promote it on social media
  • Boosting a post on Facebook is a great way to promote your podcast
  • Through Spotify, you can listen to a podcast inside Instagram stories.
  • It is perfectly appropriate to post about your business on LinkedIn through your profile.
  • Creating playlists of videos for your subscribers is a great way to help them consume your content

This week's CHALLENGE: Use two or three of the 25 strategies from this episode to repurpose one of your podcast episodes (or any piece of content!)

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