As you probably know by now, I spend a lot of time livestreaming (broadcasting live).

I use a variety of livestreaming platforms on a daily basis: Periscope, Facebook Live, GoLive, BeLive.tv. For a while, people were asking me if I had a life outside of livestreaming. I do. I have an 18-year-old and a husband at home, a 21-year-old who comes home from college for each break and a thriving business that I've built solely off of LIVESTREAMING!

 Here are some tips for you regarding livestreaming:

  • You can literally build your entire business VERY effectively and efficiently on one livestreaming platform. I did on Periscope, then I added some other livestreaming platforms.

  • Before livestreaming, you should ask yourself WHY you're there. Be where your target audience is. If they're not there and you're trying to monetize your time on social media, don't bother spending loads of time there.

  • You MUST prepare ahead of time before you go on any livestreaming platform. Use it strategically. Know your content.

  • Remember that social media is SOCIAL! You should be talking to your audience, not AT them.

  • You should get to know your audience! If you need to write down their names, do it. I did for a VERY long time so I could remember which names went with which Periscope handles. 

  • DON'T leave money on the table! In other words, provide a call to action during your broadcast! Remind them how they can follow you and where they can get your awesome free stuff!

  • Yes, you can sell directly from any livestreaming platform. I do.

 If you'd like some help with livestreaming, I have a few options:

  1. Follow me on Periscope or Facebook Live. you'll learn every single day.

  2. Sign up for a free 20-minute biz strategy session and I'll give you some livestreaming ideas for your biz.

  3. Purchase my Scope Like A PRO Ultimate Periscope CourseThis course takes you from just hearing about Periscope to being able to sell right from the platform like I do.

  4. Purchase my Grow Your Biz With Facebook Live course



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