Finding business mentors, coaches and support to grow your online business

Starting my business from scratch was incredibly difficult because I didn't know where to go for the support I needed. In this week's episode of the Business Fabulous podcast, we discuss many ways (free and paid) that you can get the help you need to create the business of your dreams. BONUS: I tell you how you can win a free membership into my new six-month group coaching program, The Business Fabulous Academy!

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Note: This episode was taken from a Facebook Live broadcast.

In this weeks' episode:

  • It took me 14 months to land a paying client because I was doing everything myself--without any support.
  • I built my own brand from scratch and it was very overwhelming and completely different from being a lifestyle blogger.
  • My first two courses I created didn't sell, not because they weren't; good, but because I didn't know who to market them to.
  • Coaching, mentors and online courses are readily available on social media--many times for free.
  • Think carefully about what you're looking for and the very best place to find it before you begin your online research.
  • Using keywords can help you reduce the amount of time you spend researching.
  • Inspirational and motivational quotes and social media posts really helped encourage me as I was starting my business.
  • Local lecture series in your area, webinars, online groups, and podcasts are also helpful.
  • I have a GREAT video on how to find podcasts inside my Business Fabulous Facebook group. The video is here
  • Facebook has public, closed/private groups and secret groups. (Differences detailed in this episode)
  • The true value of online courses cannot be guaranteed by the price level of the online course.
  • Coaching and consultants are readily available, as well. I suggest that you interview each of the ones you're considering.
  • Coaches frequently offer free consultations or coaching.
  • I got one hour of free coaching from 25 different coaches when I began my business--This was how I "interviewed" them. I thought they were horrible so I became a coach myself!
  • Coaching can be 1:1 and group--Group coaching is always less expensive per session.
  • Doors for my group coaching program, The Business Fabulous Academy, open November 11. 
  • You can win a free membership in my Business Fabulous Academy here. (This offer is good through November 11, 2019). 
  • Masterminds are different from group coaching programs, much smaller and usually far more expensive. 
  • Live Events are conferences are phenomenal ways to get on the radar of your industry's top leaders and get incredible information and resources that can grow your business.  
  • Attending live events and conferences may be a tax write-off for your business (Plase consult your CPA).

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This week's CHALLENGE: 

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