Entrepreneurship requires time for self development and reflection.

A recent solo trip to New York City taught me a lot about myself and provided opportunities and needed time to reflect personally and professionally. I learned so much about myself, particularly that I can travel solo safely and super confidently and LOVE it!

Mentioned in the episode:

Broadway Roulette (Honestly, the BEST way to see Broadway shows on a budget!)

Bonnie's Tik Tok (I actually created 21 NYC videos--there was so much to share!)

My Seven Days In New York included:

  • Seeing Van Gogh's "Seeing  Starry Night" and Dali's "Melting Watch" at MOMA
  • Experiencing Louis Vuitton 200th year 200 trunks exhibit
  • Comedy show with my son, Sam, at Far Black Pussycat
  • Best cappuccino ever at Ralph's Coffee inside Ralph Lauren flagship store
  • Met Mark Normand in LaGuardia 10 minutes after landing in New York
  • Comedy show at Broadway Comedy Club
  • At least one cappuccino a day at a variety of indie coffee shops
  • Thrift shopping in Manhattan and Brooklyn (ALL overpriced!)
  • ...
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