Clubhouse isn't your business marketing answer!

Clubhouse is a wonderful platform and it can do amazing things for you personally and professionally, but it isn't your business marketing answer. Listen in for all the details.

It is never okay, in my opinion, to just talk about what you've got for sale. Nobody cares that you've got something for sale. Guess what? They’ve got something for sale, too!   

-Bonnie L. Frank 

Today’s episode is my third episode about Clubhouse. Yes, my third. Why? Well, I thought it was about time I dispel some misconceptions about Clubhouse. If you’ve heard the buzz about Clubhouse from any online social media marketers, you would think there were customers just lining the Clubhouse hallways eager to buy any discount webinar, photo filter or online course you are hawking. I can tell you that is just not so. If you go onto Clubhouse with the idea that you're going to sell, sell, sell, you'll probably fail. So then, what is really going on in those rooms and should you be using this app as your marketing tool? Yes and no.

Over the last few months I've hosted hundreds of rooms related to online marketing, business strategy, entrepreneurship , and podcasting and I was able monetize the app in just 5 days! In today's show, I explain why the online social media marketers are doing it all wrong and what you need to be doing to get the most out of your time on Clubhouse. It’s really what's at the heart of all sales and getting to know your target audience. It's why this app is so popular and how you will be able to find your ideal customers and clients by keeping the mission of Clubhouse in mind. 

Show Notes 

In this episode I share why Clubhouse may not be your business marketing answer.

  • Why Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and even Oprah have been on Clubhouse? [2:10]
  • How Clubhouse stages give users access to entrepreneurs and innovators[4:07]
  • How I was able to grow my community and Clubs to over 40,000 followers. [5:55]
  • What NOT to do when moderating rooms on Clubhouse?[9:40]
  • What the founders of Clubhouse say is the real mission of this app?.[12:08]
  • How Clubhouse can boost your know, like and trust factor?[14:02]
  • Why this ‘come as you are’ app is so popular?[18:42]
  • Why it's so important to up your communication mindset on this app?[25:40]

How to find marketing strategies that work for you and your audience.[28:05]

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