I started as a teacher...and ended up as an entrepreneur!

In this episode of the Business Fabulous podcast, I explain how I went from being an elementary school teacher ad college professor, without any business training, to being a business coach and speaker with clients spanning over thirteen countries (my last count) worldwide.

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In this weeks' episode:

  • I am (on paper) completely unqualified to do what I do every day for a living. My degrees are in Education. It didn't stop me five years ago and it's not going to stop me now.
  • If you have Google and YouTube, you can learn anything you want to learn!
  • Mentors and lessons are all around you. Be open to opportunities.
  • Good teachers constantly research, learn, create, reflect, and produce. So do business coaches.
  • I began my teaching career at the New City School in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Common Core is the reason I am no longer teaching.
  • Children are able to handle lots of things. It's all in the delivery.
  • People told me that, because I was "only a teacher," I'd never be successful in business.
  • I had no support, encouragement, start-up money or resources to start my business five years ago. I did it anyway.

This week's CHALLENGE: 

What is it from your background that allows you to do what you do today so well? What is it about your past experiences that allow you to do what you do today?

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