The BEST Part of Being An Entrepreneur Is Also The WORST...

 The BEST Part of Being An Entrepreneur Is Also The WORST...

I love being an entrepreneur! In fact, there are so many things I love about being one, I'm going to list them for you here:

The things I LOVE about being an entrepreneur: 

  • Calling all the shots

  • Being in charge

  • Making all of the decisions

  • Being my own boss

  • Deciding when/where/how/if I'm going to work

  • Determining when/where/if I work each day                                         


Hmmm...As I look over that list again...

Yep, I also hate those very same things about being an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. It's hard if you're a solopreneur and it's hard when you aren't.

Being an entrepreneur is hard if you have a team of folks helping you and it's hard when you do everything solo.

Being an entrepreneur takes hard work, determination, savvy and strategic planning EVERY SINGLE DAY.

FACT: Most entrepreneurs do not make a profit within the first 3-4 years of business.

FACT: Most entrepreneurs quit within 6 months.

FACT: Many people find out they're not really entrepreneur material by trial and error.



Because I had such a difficult time building my business, in the beginning, I vowed I would do everything I could to help as many folks as I could build their businesses. Whether it's my daily Periscope broadcasts or free training, the Biz Cafe membership group and Endless Resource Library or my signature program, Entrepreneur School, every single thing I provide has the goal of helping you start and grow your business. If you ever feel that something's missing, please let me know and I'll fill it in with that content!

Also, feel free at any time, to set up a 20-miute biz strategy session with me for that needed boost and guidance. You can do that here I'm always available for help. 💖

Til then,

Work Smart & Hustle.




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