Bonnie, how do you ever sell anything if you don't make sales calls? (part 1)

I get asked this question a lot, "Bonnie, how do you ever sell anything without making any sales calls?" The answer to this question took up two episodes! Episode 81 is part one of the answer.

“Well, people never like to be sold to, I certainly don't like to be sold to. So, I don't do sales calls. People don't like them.”

-Bonnie L. Frank 

Today's episode was inspired from a question a gentleman asked in a Facebook group. He asked, “How do you ever sell anything if you don’t do sales calls?” Well, I get asked this question quite a lot because the way I do sales is so different from the way many people do sales. Seven years ago, when I was starting my business from scratch,  I had a tough time and interviewed 25 different coaches to possibly hire one myself in the future. You'll hear me explain what that was like and how it directly shaped my view on sales.

Today, as a business coach, I offer three types of calls. A business strategy call and two informational calls. One is about using Kajabi for your business (Those who get Kajabi with my affiliate link also get my free Kajabi coaching), one is about what my one-on-one coaching is like, the other is a call for free business strategies. None are sales calls. All three offer help and information. I don't pitch, I simply answer questions.

Note: What people do with their money and whether they hire me or not is up to them. I'm here to help them, provide strategies and answer questions. If they ask about hiring me, I discuss it. Otherwise, I don't bring it up. If I ave to convince someone to hire me, that person is not my ideal client. I don't do that.

I've been able to successfully grow my business this way and I teach my clients these strategies so they can grow their own thriving online business through this approach if they'd like to.  I had so much to say on this subject that it became two podcast episodes! This is part one.

Show Notes 

In this episode I share why I don’t do sales calls and what I do instead.

  • How many coaches trick clients into a strategy call only to try to sell them? [1:43]
  • What are the three types of calls I offer and why?[2:55]
  • What do I offer in a Kajabi tour of my website?[4:25]
  • What do I offer in my business strategy sessions?[6:35]
  • What mistakes most online sales and marketing coaches make?.[10:42]
  • Why I hired 25 coaches and how none of them were for me[12:03]
  • Why you won’t need a list of objections when starting your online business?[14:02]
  • Why I became a business coach?[16:03]
  • What are you doing online or in Clubhouse could be your best marketing strategy?.[17:28]

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