Four things every entrepreneur needs to know to be successful!

If you know these four things, you can be a successful entrepreneur and have a thriving online business.

In this week's episode:

  • You must believe you can! You must have the mindset that you really can accomplish what you want.
  • I discuss the difference between a consumer mindset and the producer mindset and how each affects the entrepreneur.
  • I didn't grow up knowing about entrepreneurship and I was 18 years old before I ever met an entrepreneur.
  • I started my business coaching and consulting business at 49 years old with no encouragement, no training, no encouragement, and no start-up money.
  • Entrepreneurs have positive mindsets and they simply figure it out.
  • You already have all the resources (or the ability to get resources) that you need to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • Use Google and YouTube to research what you need to know.
  • I learned to edit podcasts through YouTube video tutorials and asking other podcasters questions.
  • Ask your friends, family, and mentors for help or to the answers to your questions.
  • Enter contests! You may win some great tech or other resources you can use!
  • Like Chris Krinitsos says, "Start Ugly!" Your website won't be absolutely perfect, your first podcast episode won't have stellar sound, but it's okay--just start!
  • My first podcast episode was actually recorded through the microphone inside my Mac Book...(I didn't realize my mic wasn't working) and I kept it that way as a learning tool to show the sound difference.
  • I had two downloads in my first month--and I'm pretty sure they were both me.
  • I started livestreaming with my iPhone and my mic was the one on my Apple earbuds. I monetized hundreds of livestreams with only that equipment before I bought any equipment.
  • The first equipment I purchased totaled $!50.00: a Blue Yeti mic and pro lighting. I bought them with Black Friday specials.

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