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Business Fabulous is a mindset and a lifestyle. 

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I've had so much fun decorating my new abode and I've gotten a lot of questions about what I'm doing differently this time, so I created this page with links to all of the products so you can check them out yourself!

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Check em out!

All of these products are from Amazon, and as an Amazon 
Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Baker's Rack w/hooks

I use this lil cart on wheels for my coffee and smoothie station! Holds all my protein powders.

Collapsible Storage Bins

I use them above my kitchen cabinets and on closet shelves to hide all sorts of things

Three shelf, double garment rack 

Sturdy, holds sooo many clothes and has a capacity of almost 400 lbs!)

Collagen protein powder

This is on my coffee cart because I add one tablespoon to my morning coffee.

Blackout Curtains

These are lightweight, beautiful and 100% block out the light.

Jewelry Armoire 360

Holds sooo much jewelry, has a full length mirror on one side and swivels.

Cotton Baskets  (set of four)

I love these baskets and they can hold a lot: hair products, makeup, etc.

Crystal knobs

I changed out my kitchen, office, and bedroom cabinet knobs for these.

Curtain rod with crystal finials

This rod expands up to 12 feet and holds my blackout curtains.

Fluted glass jars

These are decorative storage containers for Q tips, hair scrunchies, etc.

Storage Rack (Commercial grade)

I use these shelves as my "open pantry." They hold a lot of weight. 

In-sink sponge holder

Held on by two suction cups, this is a great counter space saver!

Kitchen island on wheels

Has a paper towel rod, spice rack and loads of storage.

Metal tower shelf

Although meant for a bathroom, I use this as extra kitchen storage.

Amazing Feature

Meant for a bathroom, but I use this in my office next to my desk.

LED Puck Lights

These lights are bright and make wonderful under-cabinet and closet lighting!

Rod and bucket organizer

A great way to hold kitchen utensils, markers, etc.

Room Divider

Easy and stylish way to divide work and living space.

Shorter shelf (Commercial grade)

Perfect for inside a pantry to hold small appliances.

Non-stick shelf liner (damask)

This has a non-slip backing, soft surface, attractive pattern, easy to use.

Shelf Organizer

Double your shelf space by creating vertical storage space.

Surge Protector

Has a much longer six-foot cord which really comes in handy.

Toilet Paper Stand

Holds your toilet paper without it falling off.

Three-tier wide TV Stand

Stylish storage for your TV and more!

Two-tier Lazy Susan

I use these under my bathroom sink for extra toilet paper and lotions.

Lazy Susan (12 inch)

I use this Lazy Susan non skid turntable under the kitchen sink for cleaning products.

Pink Glass Knob

I used these in my bathroom to bring out the pink more. I used clear crystal ones throughout everywhere else.

Curtain sheers 

For my bedroom over my blinds (I ordered two sets of two panels). Easy to get on rod with grommets.

Wall Shelf with lip

These white shelves are in every room--perfect for a gallery wall of picture framed art/photos, display pieces, all sorts of things!

Hanging Ivy Plant

I put three of these inside a basket and they drape down on top of my kitchen cabinets instead of hanging.

Over the door hanging rod

I use this on the inside of my bedroom door to hang whatever clothes I'm drying that don't go in the dryer.

Over the door crystal knobs and hooks

This is so cute! It holds a lot and hangs inside my linen closet and holds purses, belts, and my baseball hats

Best Detail glue gun

I've had a lot of glue guns over the years, and this is the best! Comes with 30 glue sticks.

Soap dispensers

I have these soap dispensers on my kitchen  and bathroom sink--Used for hand soap,  dish soap, lotion.

Superfood Powder

I put 1-2 T of Amazing Grass Superfoods in my daily water and smoothies--Delish and loaded with organic greens, fruits, veggies.

Clear Acrylic shelf w/lip

I use these in every room of my home, for a gallery wall, toiletries, nail polish, books, etc.

Eliminates ALL odors SAFELY!

OMG this spray is AMAZING!!! (Safe for pets and children, too!) I've used it in the bathroom, inside my kids' gym bags, inside their tennis shoes--everywhere!

Bookcase/Room Divider

This is THE easiest thing to assemble in the world! Great for a bookcase, display shelves, room divider!

Chandelier Garland  Beads

I used these acrylic crystals to bling a standing lamp I had that needed a pick-me-up. You can use as is or take them apart. 

6-Section Clear Drawer Organizer

These clear organizers are sleek and the perfect option for shallow drawers and I used them in each of my desk drawers and on some closet shelves.

IKEA Pendant Light kit

This 15 ft. cord with on/off switch and ceiling hooks is everything you need to create a ceiling pendant light without hiring an electrician! I have two of these in my home.

Pendant Lampshade with brass inside

This lampshade is in my bedroom above my bed. I "blinged it up" with several stick on silver and crystal gems.

Laundry basket on wheels

This slim laundry basket is durable, holds a lot and rolls great!

 Pink Rosette Shower Curtain Hooks

These adorable pink rosette shower hooks are lovely and so easy to use! I've had these in multiple bathrooms.

Wireless Doorbell

With 36 different chimes to choose from and a 1000 foot coverage, this doorbell is ideal for non-electricians!

Toshiba Smart TV

OMG. I'm in love! I can binge my heart away with this baby, do Yoga on YouTube and watch myself livestream--I'm kidding about the last one.

ADORABLE lil fake Franklin-stove space heater with realistic flames, logs, and adjustable temps!

Battery operated globe lights for my balcony! It's almost like a cafe in Paris out there.

BEST Robot Vacuum EVER!

This beauty empties itself! I'm literally working AND getting my entire home cleaned! Shark IQ Robot w/ Self-Empty Base, Wi-Fi & Home Mapping


Yep, it's my famous EGG CHAIR! Perfect and oh-so-comfy-cozy for indoor/outdoor use. Love it and use it every day. 💕

THIS is an AH-mazing full size heavy duty glue gun! It's 60 watts, high temp. and the one to buy if you don't need fine detail lil spot gluing. (If that's the case, use the other glue gun I have on this page.)